Our Global Partners

GOX Provides Services from Vetted and Experienced Suppliers

When we launched GOX, we invited a number of suppliers with whom we have had exceptional first-hand working experience. We then recruited and vetted a small number of additional suppliers to ensure that we have sufficient breadth and depth of capability.

In order to maintain strong relationships, we work with approximately 15 suppliers, and we will adjust that to meet the needs of our clients. Each has been, and will continue to be, assessed on the following criteria: capability, industry experience, quality, security, customer satisfaction and commitment to our clients.

GOX's Vetted and Experienced Suppliers

Our suppliers range from niche players to large service providers, and cover virtually every area within technology. In terms of technology professionals, the numbers range from 100 to 10,000. Locations include India, China, Eastern Europe and the U.K. In cases where GOX has introduced or sourced IT services from its vetted and trusted service provider network GOX receives a governance fee from that service provider for the first two years of service. On average, the governance fee is between 1.5% and 5% during this period. There is no charge to the client.

The governance fee cover the costs of three value offerings to our clients:

Vetting new suppliers and managing our existing supplier network – ensuring high quality and only top performing service providers participate in bids.

Ongoing governance and resolution of challenges (should they occur) between the client and
service provider to successfully deliver an efficient operating rhythm.

Lower pricing on consultancy and program/project management engagements.


Nearshoring Belarus: Intetics (http://www.intetics.com) was founded by Boris in 1995 and they have been a GOX Partner since 2010 delivering several successful software development projects for GOX.


This page includes case studies from the GOX partner network. ITO Deals eBusiness Development: Mindtree provides complete eBusiness solution for Kraft. Executive Summary.

Local Providers

We have partnerships with several local IT providers and can provide case studies upon request. But one of our close partnerships since 2007 has been with IT Lab. They have cast-iron Service Level…

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