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GOX enables organisations to deliver with confidence.

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GOX enables organisations to deliver with confidence. The GOX project delivery team provides our clients with a powerful strategic weapon – flexible and scalable project management, change management and business analysis services. GOX’s outsourcing advisors and global delivery network provide access to highly skilled, lower-cost technical talent. We provide all of the tools and skills necessary for IT, HR, Finance, Sales, and Procurement departments to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and deliver successfully.

The leadership team of GOX, share experiences as IT, business and quality leaders at leading consultancies and businesses, such as GE Capital, Disney, Barclays, PWC and Accenture.

Digital Transformation

Do you need an extra pair of safe hands to help execute projects and deliver complex change? 

We have a core team of 8 consultants and access to an associate network with +120 consultants with expertise in process improvement, data, architecture, testing, project management and business analysis. 

Please get in touch if you want to discuss how we can help you transform your organisation. 

System Selection

Need help with selecting the right ERP, CRM or HR system for your organisation? If you want the latest market insights and someone to lead and support you on this  journey please get in touch. 

We have a team of experts that can run a Lean Agile Sourcing exercise in under 8 weeks. We know what each system can and cannot do. Don’t believe every word or marketing gimmick the software seller says it can do.  

Outsourcing Consultancy

GOX’s outsourcing consultancy combines proprietary sourcing and tendering processes with a comprehensive, vetted network of service providers to create rapid value for our clients. The GOX advisory team will help you succeed in any engagement – from staffing a bespoke project to establishing and delivering an organisation-wide outsourcing or off-shoring strategy. integrate and deliver new or modified IT services.

Case Studies

Our experienced IT advisors can help you define the right IT strategy and then use this as a guide for your organisation to reduce operational costs, improve delivery and ensure IT is closely aligned to the business. Our IT advisors have vast expertise as prior CIOs, IT leaders, programme/project managers, and business analysts. Our IT advice is based on the experience of our advisors who have been involved in delivering IT projects across FTSE 100 companies, leading consultancies and at mid-market companies over the past two decades. This experience, along with our close partnerships with global delivery partners provides significant opportunity for your organisation to obtain the same quality of advisory work at a fraction of the cost of the traditional names. In Summary, we have deep experience in financial services, retail, media, business services grounded in sourcing, business & IT transformation, project delivery and cost management at GE capital, Zurich Financial, Barclays, Disney, Swiss re, Accenture, and PWC.

Operational excellence: we know what it takes to deliver our recommendations

Expert in applying best practices and methodologies to match our client’s requirements

Flexible engagements models of fixed price, T&M, gain-share or a hybrid pricing model

Proven track record of successful delivery at FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and many mid-market companies

Our Values:

We do what is best for the customer and the team with INTEGRITY…..

We relentlessly pursue new ways to quickly achieve lasting VALUE for our customers

ACCOUNTABLE for our work……. we take responsibility for decisions, actions and results

OPEN & COMMITTED….we communicate in an open, candid, consistent manner and stay focused on business priorities

We play as a TEAM, help each other win and take pride in each other’s success

We have FUN along the journey

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