Private Equity Services

Private Equity Services

GOX has customised its product offering so as to appeal to private equity companies through the entire life cycle of its investments in portfolio companies.

Service Offerings:

Due Diligence: IT is arguably the most dynamic and least understood supporting function. Therefore, there is both enormous risk of negative impact, but also great
opportunity to deliver efficiencies & new capabilities. Understanding the state of the technology function is essential before any business acquisition.The GOX Red Flag report will identify any potential risks, and a Remediation Report will provide the team with recommendations for potential cost savings, integration challenges.

Growth And Management: Once it has been identified that opportunity exists to lower costs, enable growth and/or drive efficiencies, it becomes a question of getting it done. This is what we do best. We deliver change in the following areas: LEAN process improvements, Outsourcing/offshoring non-value add activities and can deliver a PMO to manage & deliver the projects.

Cost Reduction: While profitable growth remains the core focus of most PE acquisitions, strategic IT programmes and sourcing initiatives can also result in a more attractive balance sheet, better cash flow, and the perception to a potential future buyer that the company is low risk and easy to integrate. We can help standardise infrastructure, applications, apply Cloud technology and create a more attractive divesture for your firm.

Divesture:  At Divesture application of GOX Governance Diagnostics will enhance Investment valuation. This is achieved by enabling a leaner IT Cost Structure through Technology Standardisation, Process Simplification, IT Financial Review & Clean Up.



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