Ransomware Virus shut down by 22 year old hero

In less than 24 hours ransomware “Wannacry” infected thousands of computers and it is considered the biggest ransomware virus in history.

As commented in Telegraph “Researchers with security software maker Avast said they had observed 57,000 infections in 99 countries with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan the top targets. Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at the Helsinki-based cybersecurity company F-Secure, called the attack “the biggest ransomware outbreak in history”.”

But help was at hand from a 22 year old UK computer wizard…….A bit of luck and solid timing resulted in the 22 year old researcher from stopping the spread of WannaCry.  As commented in Forbes “the 22-year-old saw that one of the web domains used by the attackers hadn’t been registered. So he registered the site, took control of the domain for $10.69 and started seeing connections from infected victims, hence his ability to track the ransomware’s spread”.

I just hope the 48 NHS instutions have some well proven back up processes so they can quickly restore medical records and systems to good working order.

What this does prove is even with the latest anti-virus and painful windows updates hackers are often one step ahead. I am sure Wannacry is the first of many ransomware viruses to be released in the next few years. As our society progress further into the digital age and robotics takes over cars, trains, boats and planes don’t be too surprised if a ransomware is released onto your self-driven car. Now the question is would you pay $300 for it to be released before your Prius generation 10 hits a wall at 100mph?