Organisations today face unimaginable challenges to deal with increased regulatory and oversight pressures. They need to look at the challenges and develop an approach to ensure effective governance, manage risks and compliance obligations while improving performance.

Common Challenges Our Clients Have

Many organisations use the acronym GRC (Governance, risk and compliance) to refer to the activities related to the above challenges. These activities are mostly fragmented, scattered, occasionally seen disintegrated and unsynchronised.

Today’s organisation must address business issues with  up to date processes,  new technology, integrating  proactive, detective and responsive actions to control risks and achieve business objectives.

At GOX, we appreciate that GRC is a priority for your organisation; we know it’s complex and we know you are focused on reducing risk exposure and improving performance.

Common challenges our clients have:

Satisfy mandatory forces including laws, regulations and compliance requirements

Silos of GRC that lead to redundancy, gaps, and wasted resources

Achieving business performance objectives without losing valuable resources on GRC

Difficulty generating value out of time and money spend on GRC processes

Little reuse of sharable components between different disciplines

Limited understanding of defining and integrating information architecture for GRC

Ineffective management of regulatory requirements

Poor leverage of supporting systems and tools

Here is what we can help your company implement successfully:

Sustainable governance, risk and compliance management

Connect regulatory obligations with business goals to drive innovation and success

Unified reporting structure

Reduced compliance burden and cost

Creating a consolidated view of compliance, risk and internal controls

Confident issue tracking and remediation

Reduce impact on business by internal and external control and oversight functions

Integrated controls monitoring

Real-time insight into GRC status

No matter whether you’re juggling dispersed workforces; looking general compliance inefficiency in the eye; or drowning in growing volumes of GRC requirements and accountability, we can help.


At GOX, we work only on SAP GRC projects which have a convincing business case to create customised, compatible solutions for our clients. We strongly believe that GRC is an investment, not a cost. What’s more, our experienced consultants and “A” player implementation teams don’t only keep a tight rein on “scope-creep” they also provide comprehensive training to users. Add to this, the fact that we believe the journey is never complete at “Go Live”, and you’ll start to see why the GOX SAP GRC solution is so attractive.

If you think the GOX holistic approach to SAP GRC could help resolve your compliance headaches, contact us today to arrange a no obligation discussion.

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