FAR Case Studies

FAR Case Studies

At GOX we’re only too aware that nothing speaks louder, in terms of any consultant’s ability, than the results they’ve achieved.  On this page of our website, we’d like to share a few Project Delivery Case Studies with you.  These case studies are evidence that we’re as good as we claim to be, and in some instances even better.

Case Study 1: Full Service Delivery for US-based software firm.

A US-based software firm needed an EMEA support & services organisation built from the ground up.

GOX approach

GOX project management team led the creation of key services and processes, while sourcing the specific technical resources necessary.  This entire programme was delivered as a service, with costs fully dependent upon the capacity required on a month-to-month basis. 


The company benefitted from savings of over 70% compared to building an in-house capability, while enjoying access to a far greater range of technical talent.

Case Study 2: Programme Office Turnaround for large financial services company

A large financial services company’s technology operation sought to improve its internal project delivery capability.

GOX approach

GOX took leadership of PMO with over 30 project managers and a pipeline of over 200 projects.  We re-engineered the company’s reporting/resource allocation processes, provided PMO management, and implemented supporting technology. In addition, we delivered project management and change acceleration training to staff.


The result was a 50% project quality deliverable improvement and a 35% reporting productivity improvement as well as a newly instituted resource management & forecast process.

Case Study 3: Business Analysis as a Service for a public sector client.

Public sector client sought to document several key systems and processes.

GOX approach

The success of this project was largely dependent upon key stakeholder availability.  GOX provided a fixed price engagement over a 5-month period, based on an average utilisation of 2 days per week.  We aligned our BA to work full-time when the client team was available and to work on other engagements during down times.


Successful delivery with an overall savings of more than 50% compared with contracting the equivalent resource.

Case Study 4: Project Management as a Service for a financial services company.

A financial services company required project management oversight for a period of 9 months, with highly variable work periods during that time.

GOX approach

GOX provided a fixed price monthly service based on an average utilisation of 3 days per week.  During peak times, GOX provided 2 project managers to ensure successful delivery.  During down periods, one project manager was available remotely for key conference calls.


This client enjoyed savings of 30% compared to contracting a single equivalent resource, as well as benefiting from added support during peak periods.

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