Why GOX Outsourcing Consultancy?

You’ve explored our website and are hopefully now beginning to build up a good picture of who we are and how we work at GOX. In order to give you a quick final summary of why we believe that you simply can’t afford to ignore GOX in your outsourcing decision-making process we’ve compiled a short list of the main things we believe we can bring to your outsourcing table.

  • Cost effectiveness.  At GOX we offer up to 50% savings on larger consultancy’s prices while delivering the same service and assurances. 
  • A guaranteed return on investment (ROI).  At GOX we ensure that every project has a positive Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 12 months. 
  • Access to our vendor network.  Over the past two decades, we have built up a tried and tested network of local and overseas service providers that really puts us ahead of the competition in the outsourcing consultancy marketplace.
  • A down to earth and professional approach.  Every GOX advisor spent a significant portion of their career as sourcing and IT leaders in end-user organisations like GE Capital, Swiss Re and Endemol.   A solid operational background means that we not only advise on an outsourcing strategy – we know exactly what it takes to make it work.
  • Proven processes.  At GOX we know that outsourcing success relies on a sound, structured and proven framework of process-driven methodology and we have that methodology firmly in place.
  • Support, right to the very end.  At GOX, we never walk away from a project after the go-live date.  We simply don’t see the go-live date as a finished project but rather a milestone towards successful project delivery.  This means that you’re never left high and dry.
  • Flexibility.  We can engage with you for a 2-3 day assessment or stay onboard and deliver an 18 month project.

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