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At GOX outsourcing consultancy our whole raison d’être is to share our expertise, our benchmarking capabilities, and our highest quality, best price suppliers with our clients.  We do this, irrespective of whether they’re engaging us on a full wing-to-wing outsourcing basis or simply getting us on board to carry out a specific task.

By choosing outsourcing as a solution for your business, it allows you to scale your business to maximise opportunities in a fast, flexible and efficient way.  That said, even once you’ve taken the decision to outsource, you’re going to be faced with the dilemma of choosing between countless delivery models as well as the, sometimes scary, prospect of managing the whole outsourcing process itself.  Add to this determining a selection process for the tens of thousands of service providers in locations from Islington to India, and you’ll start to see that making the right outsourcing decisions isn’t always plain sailing. 

The advisors of GOX’s outsourcing consultancy live and breathe outsourcing, so we can help you navigate these often perilous waters.  Put simply, our role is to act as your bridge between business problem and outsourcing solution.  Outsourcing with GOX means that not only do you benefit from our extensive experience and our network of tried and tested providers but you also reap the rewards of our end-to-end sourcing framework which ensures your outsourcing initiative or project is a success.

Here’s just a snapshot of some of the outsourcing consultancy services we offer at GOX, together with an idea of how they might add value to your business:


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    Outsourcing Strategy Development

    If you’re looking for a partner to help develop your outsourcing strategy, at GOX we’re only too aware of the need for viability and realism. Because our team is built on strong operational foundations we make it a priority to ensure that any outsourcing strategy we develop on behalf of our clients can be implemented with 100% success. What’s more, because GOX Directors benefit from a foot in both operational and consultancy camps, we bring a healthy mix of cutting-edge and real-world thinking to your project. And if this isn’t enough, our price beats the larger consultancies by 50% without any need to compromise on quality or assurance, making us a really cost effective choice.

    To discover how GOX can help with your outsourcing strategy development, contact us today to organise a no obligation discussion.


    When it comes to benchmarking, the over-riding objective is to identify both cost and process optimisation potentials and to define where overall performance might be improved. With a supplier network of over 100 outsourcing service providers, GOX is perfectly positioned to access the best possible pricing and quality data to satisfy your benchmarking requirements. And once again, when it comes to price, we beat the larger consultancies by 50% while delivering the same level of quality and assurance.

    To discover how GOX can help with your benchmarking project, contact us today to organise a no obligation discussion.

    Key Sourcing Documentation (RFI, RFP, MSA, SoW)

    Documentation writing is a fundamental building block in a successful sourcing process. We combine proven and optimised templates with deep sourcing expertise to ensure that the most relevant information is passed to potential suppliers in the shortest possible time. Choosing GOX to advise on your sourcing documents could help save months of round table discussion, fact-finding and poring over requirements.

    To discover how GOX can streamline your RFQ writing process, contact us today to organise a no obligation discussion.

    Competitive e-sourcing & tender management

    Competitive e-sourcing and tender management or lean sourcing, as it’s often called, is all about implementing identified savings, improving quality and reducing waste. At GOX, our competitive lean process is the most effective in the marketplace, allowing us to run deals, end-to-end, in as little as 4-8 weeks. What’s more, our proven processes, technology platforms and vendor relationships ensure that you benefit from the best price and the best quality, even in these short time frames. This, combined with our advanced decision criteria matrix will help you evaluate and select the best-fit supplier in significantly less time.

    To discover how GOX can speed up your e-sourcing and tender management process, contact us today to organise a no obligation discussion.

    Supplier contract re-negotiations

    It is of paramount importance, when outsourcing services or projects, that you have trusted partners who have the necessary resources to deliver successfully. At GOX we often see clients being held captive by underperforming vendors, believing they can’t easily switch. With our combined 100-plus man-years of experience in the negotiation and renewal of contracts we know we can get you a successful result. Our large contracts database, which combines key pricing and quality data, allows you to achieve the Omega price you’re striving for. In short, by working with GOX you get the best possible outsourcing prices, people and processes.

    To discover how GOX can engineer the successful re-negotiation of your supplier contracts, contact us today to organise a no obligation discussion.

    Integration & governance framework

    Following more than two decades of making mistakes, and more importantly delivering successfully, GOX is perfectly placed to achieve great results for our clients. With over 20 training modules to ensure smooth integration and successful delivery as well as our proven and continuously updated governance models, for both the private and the public sector, outsourcing with GOX means you’re certain to achieve the results you’re hoping for.

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