Outsourcing Methodology

GOX Outsourcing Methodology

At GOX, our outsourcing methodology is built around our belief that identifying and implementing the right outsourcing solution hinges on a thorough understanding of your business.  We believe, that for us to be the catalyst to your success, we must get to know your people, processes, technology and your goals.  Only by starting at this grass roots level can we develop the best outsourcing strategy for you.  It is for this reason that our outsourcing methodology starts by getting up close and personal with your business and truly understanding your pain points as well as what you’re hoping to achieve.

Innovative and completely open to new ideas, our outsourcing consultants are passionate about finding the very best and most appropriate solutions for our clients.  Notwithstanding this innovation and creativity, our outsourcing methodology operates within a structured and proven framework, which is highly process and repeatability driven.  We work in this way because we believe that this is the only way to consistently deliver the best outsourcing results to our clients.

At GOX we have two decades of experience delivering results to FTSE 100 companies, leading consultancies and mid-market companies.  That said, there is no doubt that one of the pillars of our outsourcing methodology is the pre-vetted, global vendor network we have ready and waiting to come to your outsourcing table.  This, together with the wealth of constantly updated global benchmarking and industry trends data we have at our fingertips, means that you’re only ever an email or a phone call away from starting to achieve the results you’re hoping for.  

But that’s not all. GOX’s outsourcing methodology is backed by the tools we’ve optimised internally, which allow us to repeatedly and consistently deliver the most polished outsourcing consultancy solutions.  The gain-share models we’ve developed, for example, mean our fees are dependent upon achieving your agreed goals and targets, and the project planning process we implement leaves you in no doubt about where you are at any one time and where you’re going as well as how, and when you’re going to get there. 

What’s more, our use of Lean Six Sigma methodologies roughly halves the time it takes to source vendor services on your behalf as well as helping us to cleverly position your outsourcing requirements so they attract attention from the right vendors in what can often be a crowded marketplace.  That said we are only too aware that control is hugely important to you.  Working with our outsourcing consultancy enables you to retain control.  You select the services you require from our offerings, and thanks to our tollgate-driven and separable process, you keep your finger on your outsourcing pulse.  All of this, backed by our peace-of-mind assurance: during and post project is what makes us believe that you simply can’t afford to ignore GOX Global’s outsourcing consultancy in your outsourcing decision-making process.

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