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Is IT a strategic or supporting function in your business?

Verticals such as finance, software and media may have significant core competency in areas such as datawarehousing, analytics, content management and development. In other verticals, technology may be essentially a non-core, supporting function. In either case, we help companies maximise their investment and returns in those core areas, while continuing to deliver supporting services at the optimal cost/quality mix.

Outsourcing and in-sourcing to shift internal resources into strategic areas

Multi-sourcing to provide you with stronger supplier control, more competitive pricing & service, and ultimately the best quality/cost balance across all IT services

Business process management & Lean principles to simplify non-core areas as much as possible.

Change management & management training to help your internal teams get the most from your IT service providers


Ultimately, you have the knowledge and experience to develop your core competencies and top talent… it’s your business, and no one can know it as well as you. Our role is to help you maximise the time, focus and money you can spend on developing the strategic areas of your business.

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