IT Cost Optimisation in Higher Education

At GOX we recently completed an IT/Cloud assessment at a leading higher education institution. One of the main challenges was all the old legacy systems and the debilitating high costs required just to keep the lights on leaving limited funds for innovation .

The department had over 120 IT employees supporting 20K end users, 1K servers in two data centres onsite, 575 applications and 2K admin staff. The run rate was significantly higher than other comparable higher education institutions but more importantly when we bench-marked the IT metrics next to private sector organisations we identified significant opportunities for improvement.

We are currently working on helping the organisation transform the people, process and technology on digital transformation journey.

We are simplifying the environment to significantly reduce the IT BAU costs by 20%

Introducing new Cloud technologies to help streamline infrastructures and processes

Using analytics and robotics to create an enhanced student experience

Technology is very much at the heart of everything that goes on at the university and therefore, is very closely aligned with the business strategy and overall aims of the organisation. Our team’s efforts have helped prepare this organisation for an exciting 2020 where they will be doing more work than ever with 25% less budget.