Flexible Assured Resourcing

Flexible Assured Resourcing (FAR) enables you to confidently flex management and technical resourcing to deliver IT projects and programmes. Typically, organisations looking to manage varying capacity requirements either:

Work with established integrators to augment their internal staff – often at very high price points, and with limited flexibility and control.

Manage the process themselves using contractors and employees.

A FAR Better Way

GOX has developed Lean management and governance processes to match the level of service provided by an established integrator, while offering the flexibility, control and pricing commensurate with recruitment. Here is a snapshot of why Flexible Assured Resourcing is the optimal delivery service in the market:

Cost effectiveness

At GOX we offer up to 50% savings on larger consultancy’s prices while delivering the same service and assurances. 


Our operational processes are “best practices”, but they are not “must practices”. We will tailor our recruitment, onboarding and management processes to fit your organisation, and our ever-leaner practices provide the speed and flexibility to provide resources exactly when you need them.

Performance Management of Resources

We not only monitor and manage the performance, we provide technical and soft support to bring the very best out of every team member.

Resource Readiness

We provide tailored organisational readiness training prior to the start of any resource, and where applicable, existing team members and leaders will continue to facilitate a rapid transition into your company.

Capacity Management & Forecasting

In order to ensure that we can provide the very best people at the right time, we will work with you to forecast capacity requirements, and manage these changes for you.

Quality of Resources

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the most capable staff. We “anchor” engagements with senior GOX managers and associates, and we also maintain a global partner network with over 10 different suppliers.

Value For Money

You will find our price point far lower than traditional consultancies, while providing a similar level of service. Further, our average associate has over 15 years of industry experience, meaning that we can often meet your demands with fewer, more qualified people.


We took the strategic decision to completely transform our technology and delivery systems to enable future growth. However, our company had never outsourced, off-shored, or started a project of this magnitude. GOX enabled us to source a delivery partner at less than 50% of our anticipated cost. They helped us plan, manage risk and successfully govern the project from inception to delivery. We leverarged their project management delivery capability for a 15 month successful implementation. 

Energy Publishing Company

Due to changing regulatory requirements, we faced an unprecedented number of mission critical projects in 2012. GOX enabled us to meet these challenges by providing impressive project managers, business analysts and technical staff. GOX team have become integral to our operation, enabling us to successfully deliver on our commitments throughout 2013.

Leading UK insurance company

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