System Selection

System Selection

Typically if you are launching a business transformation initiative you will be looking at new systems that can support the new realignment of people, processes and technology. Choosing the right ERP/HR/CRM system for your organisation can be challenging because the market place is flooded with numerous solutions and unless your in-house team has significant experience with new systems it is a journey full of risk. Every vendor will tell you their system is the best one for your organisation and having 4 demo’s in 1 day can just add more confusion to the selection process.

Our team of Consulting Directors and operational leaders have at least 15 years of relevant experience of System strategy, selection and implementation, and our vast experience helps to avoid the many potential pitfalls of System selection, and more importantly our methodology addresses both your short and long term business goals. We want to make sure that the new System will still support your business needs 10 years from now.

Over the years while working at GE, Disney, Barclays, Accenture, PWC and Swiss Re we have taken the best parts of ERP Selection methodology and customised it for the more agile mid-market. Our proven framework PSIG has 4 distinct phases:


Setting project up for success: We deliver a business case, Total cost of ownership model, technical & functional requirements, and long-list of ERP providers


Finding the best ERP System for your company: We write a comprehensive RFP, manage the supplier engagement process, we ask the right questions and ensure the ERP providers put their best prices and resources forward. We have worked with many of the providers before and can offer insights into strengths and weakness of each.


We can provide hands-on functional expertise and day to day project management capabilities. Alternatively, if you already have people on your team with relevant experience we can take more of a project assurance role with weekly/monthly engagement models.  


We have regular service reviews to resolve issues, track benefits realisation, and ensuring milestones are being delivered on time and budget. This forms the basis for all our engagements.  

We have completed over 25 selection projects and have experience with Sage X3, NetSuite, Agresso, Microsoft/Navision, Deltec, SAP, Oracle, Epicor and a host of others. Because GOX is independent, impartial advice is offered at all stages of the process. Our team ensures there are no hidden surprises and that your organisation will have a successful ERP selection & implementation first time around unlike many other organisations. Our selection process is comprehensive and rigorous and guarantees that the chosen vendor and system provide a fit for purpose system that will deliver the benefits it promised. We recommend only to start ERP initiatives with a significant return on investment and ensure requirements with the biggest business benefits are delivered early. Please get in touch if you have any more questions.

Testimonial from a midsize software & professional services company:

The GOX team quickly assessed our requirements, recommended what vendors to include in the competitive tender and delivered a comprehensive RFP. They challenged our priorities to help us flush out what we needed and sourced us a competitive deal that included implementation teams from lower cost destinations. Our core financials went live in less than 4 months after vendor selection. GOX’s framework is lean and effective and they helped us filter through a lot of the “sales noise” to ensure we only pay for what we need. Throughout the 12 week engagement they have been diligent, professional and added value. 

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