Flexible Assured Process

GOX has developed unique processes refined with Lean covering the following areas:

Resourcing Process

On Boarding Process

Continuity Management &  Knowledge Transfer

Performance Management

Administrative Support

Resourcing Process

We can offer a 100% UK-based delivery service, leveraging the very best talent available in our in-house team, associate network, and local partners.

Our associate network is made of predominantly UK-based project and programme managers and business analyst with 15+ years’ experience.

Our partner network spans the globe, including well known players in the UK market, Europe, Latin America, and the Indian subcontinent, providing access to thousands of additional qualified project and programme managers, business analysts, not to mention technical and process enabling resources.

Most importantly our resourcing focuses on the right personality for your organisation’s culture. Our recruitment process is tailored to identify individuals who inspire the same vision, are great communicators and have integrity.

On boarding Process

Once you have selected a candidate for a role, we will begin the on boarding process. The goal is to have every person we bring on ready to add value from their first day at your business. The on board training will include home study followed by a test to ensure readiness. This can be tailored to include business, systems and/or cultural readiness. Once on-site, our team leaders will be ready to support their rapid integration into your team.

Continuity Management & Knowledge Transfer

In the event of an unplanned or unavoidable absence of a resource, GOX can provide various levels of continuity management to suit the needs of your organisation. GOX will work with your organisation to plan ahead for increases and decreases in resources to facilitate a smooth ramp up and ramp down of team size while maintaining enough knowledge continuity through regular knowledge sharing sessions to enable new consultants to integrate with minimal disruption.

Performance Management

We employ both formal and informal performance management processes that can be tailored to integrate seamlessly with the way you run your business. Formally, we will review performance based on your success criteria on a regular basis, and act swiftly to address anything we feel could be working better. We also reward top performers based on your organisation’s success criteria. Informally, team leaders and directors will be on the look-out for potential challenges and issues, and work to address these before they arise. The single biggest challenge a new resource will have is integrating swiftly into a new business culture. As such, our directors and team leaders heavily focus on solving this very challenge for their team members, enabling us to prevent many of the issues that can arise with traditional staffing services.

Administrative Support

We strive to make the process of flexible resourcing as easy for you as possible. We take care of all the usual logistical and administrative hassles of contracting people directly, so that all you need to worry about is the delivery of your key projects. You will have a single point of contact for any administrative questions, and we will provide you one monthly invoice, no matter how many resources you require. The basic services include:

  • Payroll & benefits (where applicable)
  • Timesheet tracking and summary reports
  • HR management & support
  • TrainingNew associate recruitment


We took the strategic decision to completely transform our technology and delivery systems to enable future growth. However, our company had never outsourced, off-shored, or started a project of this magnitude. GOX enabled us to source a delivery partner at less than 50% of our anticipated cost. They helped us plan, manage risk and successfully govern the project from inception to delivery. We leverarged their project management delivery capability for a 15 month successful implementation. 

Energy Publishing Company

Due to changing regulatory requirements, we faced an unprecedented number of mission critical projects in 2012. GOX enabled us to meet these challenges by providing impressive project managers, business analysts and technical staff. GOX team have become integral to our operation, enabling us to successfully deliver on our commitments throughout 2013.

Leading UK insurance company

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