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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption
We use SSL for transmitting private information on this site. This is the industry standard for data encryption. You can verify this in two ways:  
The first part of the site address starts with https://
There is a padlock sign at the bottom of your screen.
We will protect your information
If you are logged into GOX Online and remain idle for a certain period of time, we end your session (you will need to log in again) so that no one else can manipulate your account.

Please Help Us Keep Your Account Safe
Ensure that you keep your user name and password secret. In the secure area of our site, the system can track which user has made certain changes or modification. However, we cannot tell which person has made the change or modification if you have shared your details with anyone else. If you believe that someone may have discovered your login credentials, please immediately change you password.

We Also Apply Other Security Measures
We apply security patches as necessary to our operating systems, servers and application software.
Our servers are hardened to ensure that only essential gateways remain open.
Our servers are protected by firewalls to prevent unauthorised access.
We use automatically updated anti-virus software.

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