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IT spending for 2014.....Outsourcing will be back!

The good old days where technology companies in the 1990’s and 2000’s grew at double digits seem like a distant memory. Forrester Research predicts that global spending on technology will rise by 6.2% to 2.2 Trillion in 2014. The main drivers are infrastructure as a service, mobility and cloud computing.  According to Forrester software will account for the largest share of tech spending in 2014, at $568 billion, followed by IT outsourcing at $442 billion, IT consulting and integration services at $421 billion, computer equipment with $416 billion and communications equipment at $373 billion. It is not surprising that software is the biggest bucket as cloud computing, SaaS, Big Data, BI, and mobile are the hot topics for CIO’s. The amounts appear staggering, but then again it is only half of what the US tax payers have paid towards the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan estimated to be $6 trillion. IT Outsourcing is slightly down on 2013, but the trend goes in line with expectations. When there is uncertainty about the economy organisations flock to outsourcing for solutions, and right now where it appears the economy is booming outsourcing takes a back seat and its back to spending on innovation, software, and new products. We predict that 2014 is a temporary blip of economic boom, all this quantitative easing is not sustainable and IT outsourcing will return to the CIO’s agenda for 2015.....Now imagine a large Austrian man living in California saying "IT Outsourcing will be back"

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