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This is showing my age but I remember first logging onto the web in 1994 or maybe it was 1995 with a netscape navigator browser. The dial up was insanely slow by modern standards but like with all things new at the time it was just amazing. I couldn't quite understand what the web would be useful for at that stage....little did I know what was in store to come......it would completely change my life and all banking, travel, research for hobbies, general knowledge information, connecting with friends would happen via the PC and then later by the smartphone. I for a period was loyal to netscape, then suddenly I found IE to be better starting with IE 3, but a few years ago I switched to firefox. The issue I often have with new releases is that they simplify the layout so much you can't find a single thing on the new tool and it becomes more difficult for me to use. I never switched to google chrome even though many folks say it is great. I am still sort of having a successful marriage between firefox and IE switching between the two, and then on mobile devices I use safari.  IT developers should continue to do the same thing they should have been doing all along: Writing browser-agnostic code that works across multiple platforms.

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