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6 Types Of IT Project Failure

Projects fail for many different reasons, we have written numerous pieces about it, since 2008, so I took notice when reading a blog post that describes six specific categories of failure. I thought the list is worth sharing because it is a smart way to categorise failures into different types  The list was written by Michiko Dibo on his blog in 2009:

"Intent Failure - Occurs when the project doesn’t bring enough added value or capability to beat down the obstacles inherent throughout the process. This suggests the original intent of the project was flawed from the beginning.

Sponsor Failure - Occurs when the person heading up the project is not actively engaged and/or does not have the authority to make decisions critical to project success.

Design and Definition/Scope Failure - Occurs when the scope is not clearly defined, so the project team is unclear on deliverables.

Communications Failure - Occurs when communications are infrequent or honest discussion of project problems and issues are avoided.

Project Discipline Failure - Occurs when process/project methodology is allowed to lapse so that the mitigation factors inherent in the process are never used.

Supplier/Vendor Failure - Occurs when the structure of supplier /vendor relationships doesn’t allow for communication and adjustments.

I think the list is missing one key category which should be added

Employee/Team Failure - Occurs when the structure & level of commitment from internal operational team is not optimised so they become de-motivated and fail to execute effectively.

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