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2015 is looking positive for IT investments

IT spending is still on the rise. Analysts predict a further 3.3% increase in 2015 as commented on Computerweekly. In the same article there is a reference to a recent study of 200 large organisations that spend close to $70 billion completed by CEB (Advisory group) on companies.

The findings reveal some interesting trends:

1.    The increase in spending reflects the growing importance of digital technology in companies' business strategies
3.    70% of their business priorities next year can only be implemented by investments in technology,”
4.    IT departments spent 33% of their budgets on innovative projects, up from 31% in 2013, and only 20% in 2000, as companies continue to reduce their IT maintenance costs and reallocate funds for projects that bring more business value
5.    Company finance departments are spending 4.5% of their budgets on IT, HR 4.3%, marketing 4% and operations 3.5%
6.    75% of them have re-organised their processes to provide their business customers with complete end to end services, rather than simply delivering hardware and software

The younger more tech savvy workforce is expecting technology to be user friendly, agile, low cost and flexible. The pressure on CIOs and IT departments to add value to both internal and external customers is becoming even greater. They will need to invest in good people, minimise waste, and improve the overall customer experience for 2015 something most IT departments struggle to live up to.

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