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February 2010 Quick Hits - News, Trends & Analysis

Dell Bets On Asia For Growth
Ever since Dell bought Perot Systems in September 2009, consolidation has been a major initiative. They recently merged Dell Services with Perot Systems to create a 14,000 strong consulting & services team in India. As commented by Jim Champy, chairman of Dell Consulting Practice, in Offshoringtimes.com "We want to leverage this unit to be a delivery platform for Asia, where we see greater growth prospects than in the US and Europe because of the slowdown". With Dell's already dominant hardware brand, they should be able to win many new customers in the services arena by offering companies a complete wing-2-wing solution across the entire gamut of IT.

French IT Service Provider Increases Profit With Falling Sales
As recently commented in Computerweekly, "Atos Origin has reported a 40% increase in profits in 2009 despite a 3.7% fall in revenues after its cost-cutting strategies paid off. The company's Total Operational Performance (TOP) Programme attempts to reduce costs through strategies such as standardisation across the company". This is a good example of how efficiency through process improvement even during a recession can still leave a business in a healthier state than during the boom years. All credit to the leadership & operational teams at Atos Origin for creating more value with less money.

Golden Rules For Successful Project Management
KPMG recently calculated that the average cost of project failure is $10.4MM, and one of the top reasons is poor project management. Naing Moe (Project Management Consultant from Singapore) created a list of 10 golden rules on google KNOL to improve project management:
Golden Rule 1: Start with the Real Business/Organization Needs
Golden Rule 2: Formulate Creative Solutions or Projects to Close the Gaps
Golden Rule 3: Conduct the Feasibility Study by Measuring both the Project Achievability and Benefits
Golden Rule 4: Know Your Project Stakeholders and Engage Them Early
Golden Rule 5: Define Clear and Measurable Project Mission/Purpose
Golden Rule 6: Have a Capable and Committed Project Team in Place
Golden Rule 7: Do Project Planning, Use Manageable Project Phase Approach
Golden Rule 8: Manage Schedule, Cost, Risks, Issues, and Change
Golden Rule 9: Continuously Manage Project Stakeholders
Golden Rule 10: Measure Results, Capture Your Lessons Learned, and Institutionalize

Considering many IT leaders today deliver IT services using outsourced partners there are a few critical rules missing:
- Lean vetting & sourcing process for best-in class vendors
- Continuous benchmarking & selection of outsourced project teams
- Be agile, the formal process steps and documentation of traditional PM can slow down the deliverables
- Open communication. Adhere to capture opinions and concerns from all project team members. This cuts through waiting games and significantly reduces the risk of mistakes, saving you time and money.


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