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Indian Companies Focusing On China
Top Chinese companies like Bank of China and China Telecom are going global, and they are increasingly turning to companies like IBM India and TCS to help them develop and maintain standard software solutions. Local Chinese software providers like Digital China and Neusoft do not have the scale and international experience to support a Chinese company's globalisation efforts. Apart from scale, for large complex outsourcing contracts companies need a vendor with solid execution experience. China's IT Services market is valued at USD10 billion in 2009, and we have seen companies like TCS, Wipro and Infosys making progress winning several contracts beating local Chinese rivals.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing On The Rise
The global IT infrastructure market has been growing exponentially since 2003. In a recent Forrester report they conclude that the top 15 outsourcing providers provided remote and onsite services for about 16.7 million desktops, 1.7 million servers and 23.4 million users globally. These vendors delivered USD 83.9 billion worth of infrastructure services last year and with the current growth rates it should exceed USD100 billion by 2012. Indian tech firms have made substantial progress across application development, maintenance, and back office outsourcing, but when it comes to hardware support the large multinational rivals like HP-EDS, and CSC are still leading the market space.

Accenture Dumps the Tiger
Mark Hillary has an interesting comment on his outsourcing blog about why an IT services company does not need a link with someone who lets down people close to him, or is flaky. Please read more on this interesting story here. I still think in less than 12 months time when he returns to being a champion on the golf course the sponsors will return in droves to sign the most popular sports icon in the world. This might even boost his ratings as we all like to see the underdog return to former glory.


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