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Office 360 –Microsoft tighten their grip on cloud based services

Microsoft launches its cloud based service Office 365 in June 2011, primarily targeting the small business segment. It offers Exchange, SharePoint, Lync Microsoft Office desktop applications (equivalent to Office Professional Plus edition), Office Web Apps, the online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint at the very competitive rate of $6 a month. It is very certain that the small businesses which cannot afford to run their own server infrastructure will find office 360 a very attractive and cost effective solution. As quoted:

Microsoft’s Office Division president, Kurt DelBene predicts that more than half of small business will adopt Office 365 within 10 years. Microsoft’s added inclination towards cloud computing has narrowed the likelihood of any more versions for its successful Small Business Server (SBS). However, concerns relating to privacy and security might hamper small companies to invest in cloud services like Office 365.   


Importance of a Back-up plan

An article by Bill Detwiller in Tech Republic reminds IT Administrators about the importance of having a backup plan, even for resilient hosted services. Earlier this week, the FBI seized several servers at a hosting facility in Reston, VA. The servers were used by DigitalOne, a web hosting company based in Switzerland.

According to the New York Time, the FBI was interested in just one of DigitalOne’s clients, but took equipment used to host several other sites, including those run by Curbed Network, Pinboard, and Instapaper. According to the New York Times, Sergej Ostroumo, DigitalOne’s chief executive, said that the FBI took entire server racks, instead of just machines linked to a specific IP addresses:DigitalOne provided all necessary information to pinpoint the servers for a specific I.P. address, Mr. Ostroumow said. However, the agents took entire server racks, perhaps because they mistakenly thought that “one enclosure is = to one server,”



Google +

Good news for Google! Its social networking site, Google plus which was launched last month has start making ripples in the social networking world. Improved and secure features for users’ privacy, as well as ease of navigation make it a user favorite. According to IT blogger Jason Hiner,  ”the most attractive part in Google + is how easy it is to find, add, and organize your friends” .The Google plus project which is described by Google as a ‘field trial’ will help them to adopt a lot of changes to its features by regularly following market feedback, and so a much better version can be expected soon., This may force social networking companies, especially Facebook, to have a quick look at its shortcomings, and formulate a better strategy to prevent losing the focus of its half-billion plus customers. Facebook which was enjoying the stardom of the ‘undisputed king of social networking world’ for a quite long time without any major competitors will be facing the toughest test of their life. Even though they started the preparation well in advance with plans of launching video chat and other features, they are still struggling to resolve privacy related issues.


Sluggish growth for outsourcing in UK public sector

Public sector companies in UK, which seem to consider outsourcing as the ‘Number One solution’ for cost reduction are now showing signs of reduction in the number of projects outsourced. The public sector were early adopters of outsourcing, but have now been overtaken by private firms, which was seen as a big surprise by various marketing gurus. However, Duncan Aitchison, president of TPI EMEA, suspect this phenomena is temporary, and points towards an increase in public sector spending in the near future. He points out that the the recent slowdown is largely due to the sector addressing near-term issues. The cycle time of public sector outsourcing contracts is quite long, and Mr. Aitchinson goes on to say that

“as we look over the next couple of years, we should see significant additional outsourcing activity as both central and local government look to bring down spending levels”


Practical problems related to cloud computing

Even though cloud computing has emerged as the buzz word around business circles, research shows that only one in ten companies are willing to adopt cloud due to various concerns . According to a recent survey conducted by IDG via cio.co.uk,

"22 percent of business owners said they "were not comfortable" with using applications via the internet, and 20 percent worried about the reliability of their internet connection. In addition, 21 percent were concerned about how much bandwidth cloud-based applications will use up. Hence the need of a fast, reliable and secure internet connection which support cloud computing arises to boost confidence among business companies. Interestingly, office workers have a different view from that of companies and they completely welcome the idea of clouding of all their application."


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