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IT PM Advice

After having spend more than a decade delivering IT Projects, I often think what advice would I give someone who is about to start a career as an IT Project manager.

So when reading up on techrepublic here is some advice from other experienced readers:


  • Ensure you have thick skin, double check all details, hone your communication skills, be wary who you trust, plan and plan again...and smile.

  • Be an active listener; and use the talent around you

  • When you start making changes to the existing processes or introduce fresh new processes, please make sure that you plough them into the system in as non-intrusive a way as possible. If this means that you have to introduce these processes one at a time, or to one department or team at a time, do it that way. But whatever you do, do not directly splash into the comfort zone of the people since the resulting ripples will mostly wash you out of the system.

  • Change is a given. Project management is not a popularity contest, if the plan becomes wrong, change the plan, not the project....Sounds obvious, but most unsucessful PMs fail, when they can't find some reason why it isn't their fault.

  • For me communication and honest expectation setting about deliverables will pave the way for a few bumps down the road with stakeholders and the business community. Your reputation about being an honest person is very valuable when obstacles hit the project.

I think one of the key messages missing on tech republic board on advice for IT project managers is mentoring and relationship building. If you want to learn start by working with someone who is very good at it, watch, absorb, take notes, imitate, ask them to coach you. People love to share experiences and talk about themselves, take it as very valuable info....they might have spend 10 years in the industry and they will pass on golden nuggets for you so you won't repeat the same mistakes. The second key ingredient to being a successful IT PM is the ability to build productive & meaningful relationships with the stakeholders, team, vendors, other employees......relationship is key to resolving conflicts and remove roadblocks. 

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