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One of the common reasons for project failure is a disagreement amongst stakeholders on how to measure success. Three people will have a certain way for producing a metric but they all have different methods and calculations for how to measure progress, success or failure. Hence why many people report different numbers and as result it gives leadership plenty to worry about. No consistency on financials, issues, and help desk tickets will often result in some new initiative being launched on how to collect and implement the "best" metrics. 

The key metrics to measure success for IT can be put into the following categories

  1. Project progress dashboard (red, yellow or green)

  2. Financials, how is planned spend measuring up against actuals

  3. Systems and network availability

  4. Helpdesk support tickets closed, open and in progress

  5. End user satisfaction of IT (run annual survey and publish results)

With the correct measurement systems in place and a set of agreed operational definitions this is a great opportunity for IT to demonstrate the value to the business with some green boxes on a creative dashboard. 

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