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Public Sector invests in entrepreneurship

Ordnance Survey (government-owned national mapping agency for Great Britain) will be using 250 years of data to help start up’s foster entrepreneurship in the UK. They will be funding 5-10 start-ups offering them office space and support IT development applying their vast repository of data to solving emerging challenges around urban spaces and smart cities. It’s fantastic to see a government owned organisation getting involved with entrepreneurship trying to kick start tech companies. Normally we think of government’s as being bureaucratic, inefficient, and culprits of generating a lot of waste. But in this instance it does appear they have created a “start-up” culture and environment. Firstly, they are located in Clerkenwell which is start up silicon alley, secondly the people they have brought on like my friend Alex who is a start-up veteran will coach, mentor and support young start up with a deep understanding of their challenges.    
As quoted by computer weekly

“A currently unpublished report on the UK geo-services industry, produced by kMatrix, has estimated the potential value of the sector at £2.2bn, with a potential wider economic impact of over 10 times that. With this in mind, a major aspect of the GeoVation Hub’s activities are likely to focus on mobile applications that play a direct role in further developing the internet of things (IoT) and smart cities.Spatial data has already proved to be vital in pilot projects relating to, for example, autonomous cars, or waste collection and other council-led services.”

Even if just 1 of the 10 companies they fund will get a share of the £2BN Geo-Services market the initiative will have been a tremendous success and I firmly believe with the environment and people they have every possibility of achieving a positive outcome and we will all be living in a “smarter” city where when you visit Curry’s the fridge will inform your smart phone that it won’t fit into your 1 bedroom flat.    

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