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Another Way without a Bank

Anthony Watson a successful CIO of Barclays for 4 years then Nike was deliberating on his next move following a career largely focused in Banking and Finance. With a clear knowledge of the intricacies of banking operations combined witha strong sense of equality he searched for an opportunity to level the playing field for bank users. When the opportunity at BitReserve came up he recognised it as a calling to “democratise banking so that so that, no matter who you are or where you are in the world, you get the same financial benefits”. “We [Bitreserve] have a very strong social mission and vision to democratise financial services - regardless of where you are from, who you are, you won’t be penalised just because you are in a percentage of the population where traditional financial services firms charge you ridiculous rates, or as a horrid and patronising banker would say 'the unbankable'.” Bitreserve lets users hold bitcoin as a stable real-world currency in a digital wallet. This helps avoid volatility problems in cryptocurrency that have, so far, prevented them becoming mainstream. Payments and transfers can then be made internationally using the method of choice, incurring much lower transaction fees than the typical charges demanded by banks and other providers. Today BitReserve support’s nine currencies and four metals and this is set to grow and grow.

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