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Smart Technologies with no need for internet

In the world of technology we constantly hear about SMART phone, smart this & smart that! We recently had SMART meters installed to monitor our energy usage. Since that installation our office is freezing and everyone is sitting in their cubicle with Russian bear hats and north face jackets, not because the heating doesn’t work but as a company owner I hate to see we just used £4.85 on heating in one morning. Honestly, out of sight out of mind, sometimes some metrics are better not known. I recently read an article about a SMART toilet, and I know what you are thinking will it know if I need a number 1 or number 2, will it beep if I use too much lavatory paper, or send off an alarm signal to my iphone if too much MH4 (methane) is released. No unfortunately it doesn’t do any of those things, however, it will do the following as quoted from the BBC tech section:

  •  An "intelligent" toilet that opens when you approach it and self-cleans with every flush
  • “It also cleans the user with an aerated wand, which delivers warm water and warm air "from a seated position"
  • Its self-cleaning process uses a combination of a disinfectant and a glaze - made out of zirconium and titanium dioxide - which coats the bowl. " and it wont need any manual cleaning for 12 months

I love technology and I am big fan of gadgets and I have to say I wouldn't have thought about a SMART toilet any time soon. However, we must make sure that we still leave some jobs for human beings, with the rapid advancements of robotics will there still be regular jobs left in 3-4 decades? Back in the 1970's workers in the auto industry complained about robots taking their jobs, but half a century later there are still millions of people employed in the automotive industry working successfully alongside robots and I am sure 50 years from now there will still be millions of people cleaning toilets around the world, some things technology just can't quite replace. 

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