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Cloud Trends For 2011

As quoted by Nucleaus Research on computerweekly

"Cloud is cheap, cloud is green, cloud is a marketing machine. In 2009, the cloud drove decisions and deployments outside of IT, user adoption of CRM and other applications, and panic about IT irrelevance. This year brought development environments in the cloud, a better understanding of cloud economics, and an enthusiastic leap - marketing or otherwise - on the cloud bandwagon for every major supplier. In 2011, look for greater competition in the cloud space, more and more upstart cloud app suppliers that leapfrog traditional startup delivery models, and more recognition of the real impact of the cloud on the environment. Anyone who says enterprises are skeptical about cloud computing are likely viewing all the supplier marketing hype for what much of it is: hype. However, the reality is that companies large and small are taking advantage of the economic and environmental advantages of developing and computing in the cloud. Suppliers, for their part, recognise that getting users onboard today is key, as competition drives price erosion, and long-term deals are best."

In our experience we have helped clients reduce ongoing costs for processing, storage and email by up to 80% without impacting end users. Read more. In a latest study reported on computerweekly it suggests that businesses can cut their energy consumption by 91% by moving their on-premises applications to the cloud. Nucleus (US research firm) reached its conclusion after comparing the energy consumed by customers of Salesforce.com with the energy consumption of equivalent applications run in-house. Since we at GOX migrated several applications including CRM and financial reporting into the cloud I have seen a reduction of 28% in our quarterly electricity bills in the office from not hosting our own servers, so now we have it.....cloud is not only low cost, but also green....the question of course remains how green is the data centre that is managing your cloud services? 


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