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The Patent War!

Increased interest in intellectual property rights have enoucraged Google to buy a large number of patents to rival Apple. In order to defend against law suits Google has bought around 1000 patents from IBM, which was seen as a strategic move by many Tech gurus. Google is fighting against accusations related to intellectual property rights and their Android mobile OS is being sued regularly for stealing features from rivals. Many of these patent purchases are expected to solve several legal battles for Google in the long run.



IT job market and IT profession: Future Scenarios

According to Jason Hilner of Tech republic IT jobs have changed drastically in the last decade. Back to back recession in the last 5 years have forced companies to reduce IT costs by laying off staff, especially the number of tech supports. They outsourced most of their help desk and data centers, which were the most sought after jobs of the 1990’s. The IT environment and infrastrcuture has also changed significantly. More and more traditional software has moved to the web and many applications are now being offered in the cloud via a web browser. Hence, the IT organisation now consists of mainly three types of jobs. First one, is the third party consultants who do the outsourcing for traditional IT administration and support functions. Then comes the project managers who act as the intermediate between the technology vendors and consultants and last comes the developers who get involved with the delivery.  The demand for "good" developers will continue to rise due to the popularity of web and applications.


HCL in trouble

Outsourcer HCL which has earlier managed data centre operations for News Corporation was questioned by the parliamentary home affairs committee in connection with the phone scandal. It was alleged that HCL, destroyed some of the important data related to the phone scandal at its storage facility in Chennai, India. However this accusation was denied by the CEO of HCL, who claims that HCL did not ever store any data in India or anywhere else for News International Corporation.

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