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Security requirements are presenting an ever mounting challenge to Corporate IT departments. The frequent requirement to change passwords, sometime within 30 days where previous passwords cannot be reused can often result in the very circumstance that the security measure is seeking to prevent. i.e. the scribbling down of passwords on hugely unsecure post it notes or diaries. The requirement for a multitude of passwords for the numerous online sites often results in the same password word being reused across multiple sites. This is a treasure trove for password hunters/trawlers. Biometrics would definitely address the above situations however at what cost?

Whilst finger print recognition is commonplace with iPhone users and on the latest touch enabled Android handsets. It is unlikely that a standardised system will be applicable across all mobile technology making the application of a biometric corporate security system too expensive to implement.

Users however have been surprisingly welcoming to biometric security requirements where it presents a real benefit. For example with the retina scans for immigration which enables the user to cut queues.

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