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IT Budgets Business Responsibilty

Recent research by Gartner and Forrester has highlighted the trend of the shifting of control of IT budgets to business executives. Gartner suggest that as much as 90% of IT budgets could be the responsibility of business leaders by 2020 up from 25% currently.

This shift is a result of digitisation and consumerisation. In our current times, as business executives are increasingly more tech savvy they are more open to taking control of IT. Technologies around the cloud, mobile, social and analytics are shifting the control of IT and outsourcing in businesses.

IT’s frequent protectionist response of highlighting strict security policies and procurement guidelines has only served to alienate business executives.  To address this IT should take more of a proactive approach, regularly highlighting advances in technology and how this can benefit or shape business strategy to busy business executives. At Endemol UK, UK’s largest Independent TV Producer Digital Social Media thought leaders were frequently brought in for round table discussions with the Top TV Executives.

Currently, according to Gartner, 70% of IT budgets are spent on BAU and only 30% goes towards business change. To achieve the high level of innovation businesses need- the balance has to be closer to 50:50. Unfortunately, unless overall IT budgets grow innovation can only be funded by increasing efficiencies in IT back office costs.

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