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GPS or Location Technology has been a buzz word for some time now. Once hailed as a top disruptive technology it is now so firmly entrenched on our popular culture that there is a Webby Award dedicated to it. 2014’s winner is an Application called Glympse which allows users to share their location with friends. Glympse was developed with Kik, a messaging App, as a partner in mind. All Kik’s120mil users have instant access to Glympses location sharing functionality and need not navigate out of Kik’s familiar interface to use Glympse. Another winner in 2014 is the Canadian Missing Children’s Society’s application. A charitable application which coordinates help efforts including those of 1000’s of volunteered search partners in real-time and location. Hailo the competitor to Uber is also a GPS winner of 2014. The 2015 GPS winner is the “water resistant” Rip Curl Search GPS which records and replays you Surfing efforts! Much like a Ski recording App but with more community features.

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