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PayPal app users now have another option for paying when they dine out, they have teamed up with a company called MyCheck. The MyCheck app allows PayPal users to pay for their meals, split the bill and tip their servers. The diners will be able to check into their locations and see if their bars/restaurants can be paid for by using the app.

PayPal want to increase their presence within retail as they already have apps where you can order ahead of time such as EatNow and OrderMate.

MyCheck whose competitors are TabbedOut, Cover, and Dash, have been in operation since 2011, but have only recently teamed up with PayPal. Whilst PayPal and MyCheck are not in an exclusive partnership; PayPal expects that this collaboration will really increase the users of PayPal. To use the application, you  must first select your location, then give the cashier or server the four digit code you are sent. You can then pay for the bill, add a tip or even split the total with your friends. You can just select the item you wish to pay for, sign your name and that’s all. This is a great app as it has reduced waiting for the bill by 3-10 minutes!

So even if you have forgotten your wallet, you are still able to enjoy your meal and since the latest research shows that people are more likely to forget their wallet and house keys but not their phone when leaving home in theory they should always be able to pay for a meal.

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