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The Wrong Way To Outsource


Someone might call this “creative outsourcing” but certainly not an ethical one.  It was recently reported that a software programmer in the bay area outsourced his job to a Chinese firm for a fifth of his six figure salary allowing him to spend his working hours surfing the internet. £31,000 ($50,000) of the programmer’s salary was used to pay the third party Chinese contractorwho carried out his daily tasks while he spent his working hours on sites including eBay and YouTube.

The American based infrastructure company commissioned a network-security audit after fearing a security breach when it was discovered someone from Shenyang, China was accessing their system.Verizon Enterprise Solutions, a US communications firm who were called in to investigate the breach commented that the programmer would send a progress report to his superiors at the end of each day following the outsourced job completion.  Andrew Valentine, a principal withVerizon published a blog post about the incident.

A search of the employee's computer found hundreds of invoices from a third party contractor. The programmer had provided the Chinese firm with his login details so that the third party could login under his credentials during the work day. Unknown to his co-workers, he was praised as being “The best software developer in the building”.

Whilst some may praise the programmer for using initiative the company were not humoured by the situation and let go of the programmer. It can also be argued that if such processes can be completed for a fifth of the salary paid to a US employee, why do companies like the infrastructure company mentioned above not consider outsourcing to reduce costs and improve efficiency? 

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