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The CIO and the CMO are increasingly working together as IT takes on a greater role in Marketing technology. Marketing technology: is defined as “The tools that manage marketing processes, workflows, digital content and customer analytics” according to Carl Doty, vice president and group director at Forrester Research. Adam Kleinberg, CEO of advertising agency Traction, finds that Marketing Tech is essentially Advanced CRM.

The starting point for any CIO would be to understand what sales people do and what their challenges are. The next step is to streamline, automate and equip them with tools to make them more productive.  

Companies that have complex and large value sales will inevitably show the greatest benefits realization’s for CRM projects.  In addition to long sales cycles, complex sales often involve intricate contracts and multiple stakeholders. Managing all of this information can be time consuming and frustrating for sales professionals. Various solutions have a different approach to addressing this problem.

SalesForce CRM’s main USP is that it helps sales staff get up to speed, whether this is for new staff to learn how to work effectively with different buyers or for experienced sales professionals to quickly get up to speed on new products. DocuSign, established in 2003, provides online contracts where buyers and sellers can sign off on digital contracts and is especially popular the real estate and recruitment industries.

Data completeness is a major challenge in today’s CRM, completeness requires logging every single interaction with the Customer be this meetings, phone calls or social media. IT contributes by enabling CRM technology that can better manage the collation and interpretation of these disparate sources of communications from the Customer.

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