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Today while attending a meeting at IOD I saw an advert on the wall from the Big Blue... (IBM).

It was a picture of a child sitting surrounded by an ipad, iphone, gaming consoles, latest PC, Macbook Pro etc....and then the tagline was something like "Does your child at home have better technology than you do in the office?"

If we look back at history in the 1980's and 1990's the enterprise provided executives and office managers with more gadgets.....the pocket calculator, the mobile phone, the laptop, the blackberry.....but then suddenly in 2007 Apple changed the world with the Iphone....a smartphone that could be bought by ordinary people. Two years later it followed with the Ipad.....and since then we have seen a transformation of cool mobile devices....a mad technology "arms" race between Samsung, Apple and HTC. And yes I think it is fair to say that kids today have access to more "cool" and advanced technology than most office workers who are still stuck on 3 year old PC's only recently having migrated to Windows Vista or 7 while their offsprings at home are busy on twitter, facebook downloading the latest applications....the result is that younger people are much more tech saavy than us office folks. Whether or not that is a good thing is an entirely different question.



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