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In-sourcing Development

On computer weekly there was a recent news article that discussed how hotels.com has brought many jobs back onshore from offshore in order to improve quality and create shorter release cycles. They were in 26 week release cycles which suggest they were using waterfall and now they do releases every 2 weeks. This doesn't just sound like they in-sourced work but actually changed their delivery methodolgy. I disagree with the point made that it is not possible to offshore and still using agile. It is without doubt more difficult but with the right operating rhythm it is possible. Here is an article I wrote 2 years back on this topic http://www.goxglobal.com/publications/offshore_agile . What would have been interesting would be to see if the person from hotels.com could compare the cost difference between being 80% offshored and the quality produced vs. the current 50/50 delivery model. As we often say if outsourcing is done correctly it can be effective, however if you as an organisation is not ready for it......it will worsen the situation. 

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