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There are many different types of project delivery methodologies e.g. Prince 2, Six Sigma, but the single most important ingredient is a solid project manager who will execute and deliver successfully. 

Based on our combined experiences +100 years of Project delivery here is a list of the essential traits & skills of a successful Project manager.

  1. Strong interpersonal skills to manage people and persuade difficult stakeholders

  2. You need to rise above the details and delegate.....Dont be a bottleneck by trying to do everything yourself...capitalise on the people around you

  3. Proper planning prevents poor performance. (live and breathe the 5 P's)

  4. Ask the right questions and capture the essential information

  5. You need to be a strong communicator who can get the message across at all levels of the organisation

  6. You must deliver what you promised....no if's and but's just facts....keep emotion out of it. 

So if we were to show you our "consultancy" silliness a possible acronym for the above string of recommendations is PACDID

Plan, Ask, Communicate, Delegate, Interpersonal & Deliver

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