Public Sector IT Procurement

GOX recently worked with 2 large authorities to help them develop IT requirements to comply with the Tech 2 Services framework and provisioning of networks, telephony and cloud computing from Network Services 2 and G cloud frameworks.

The authorities needed help with developing and improving the IT Future Sourcing programme. Furthermore, they were looking for advisory on defining and projecting future business need across user support, connectivity and cloud services

1.1.1.  To advise and support the organisation to provide relevant and useful information about current service delivery to potential bidders.

1.1.2.  To anticipate and define future business need across user support, connectivity and cloud services.

1.1.3.  To co-develop service specifications (in line with government frameworks) for new services that are attractive to suppliers as well as delivering on authority requirements to support the new digital environment.

1.1.4.  To advise on the structure of the new SIAM layer

In scope for both tenders:

1.Cloud support & maintenance

2.Connectivity (networking)

3.Service Desk and Field Engineering

4.End User Computing

Key goals achieved :

Enabled authority to become a dynamic outcomes-based organisation using digital innovation

Source future proof, forward thinking, value for money services