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GOX Global Outsourcing Case Studies

At GOX we’re only too aware that nothing speaks louder, in terms of any consultant’s ability, than the results they’ve achieved.  On this page of our website, we’d like to share a few Outsourcing Case Studies with you.  These case studies are evidence that we’re as good as we claim to be, and in some instances even better.

Case Study 1: “Right-sourcing” and delivering an IT transformation.

An established energy research company sought to transform its business to better compete and grow in the digital age. Historically, this client had focused almost exclusively on internal hires for managing their IT operations. However, the size of team needed to execute the new IT programmes would have more than tripled their IT headcount, so the client engaged GOX to help them source externally.

GOX approach

We completed the business analysis, developed a 3-year technology roadmap and delivered the sourcing programme strategy.  Thereafter we multisourced the technology and design services needed to deliver the programme, maximizing the price/quality mix by using both local and offshore providers.  Finally, GOX provided project management as a service (PMaaS), giving the client the outsourcing management expertise and governance they needed for less than the cost of a contractor.


GOX multi-sourced and delivered complete £1.5M IT transformation, from inception to delivery over a 15 month period, saving the client 40% on the price of local solutions.  Click here to read the full case study.

Case Study 2: Offshoring a development team for an asset management firm.

An asset management firm urgently needed to upgrade its reporting and decision-making systems to improve trading accuracy and reduce their 'number-crunching' overheads. Due to the complexity of their current processes and systems, the cost of hiring the requisite staff to make these improvements would have been prohibitive.

GOX approach

To save the client both time and money, we used our LeanSource© service which combines our proven processes, on-line sourcing workflow and e-auction and vetted supplier network. 


GOX integrated the client’s offshore partner in less than 8 weeks at a 60% cost saving on local options.  This saved the client $300K over a 12 month period. Click here to read the full case study.

Case Study 3: Lean sourcing programme for a large UK & South African manufacturing company.

A large UK & South African manufacturing company needed to completely switch core IT service providers in less than 7 months.

GOX approach

GOX managed the RFP process for a 5-year, 1.5 million pound deal in less than 6 weeks.  This process included vendor engagement, writing RFI and RFP documents, managing the competitive tender, and helping to negotiate an exceptionally favourable agreement.


The final negotiated price was 25% less than the client’s current provider and featured vastly improved hardware kit and general infrastructure.  Consultancy ROI was achieved in less than 3 months. Click here to read the full case study.

Case Study 4: Innovative outsourcing solution for a financial services data company.

A financial services data company needed to develop a new robust, scalable, and secure technology platform cost effectively in order to meet demand for its fast growing business.

GOX approach

GOX worked to deliver an innovative outsourcing solution where the selected vendor was responsible for both delivering the new platform, as well as  training the internal team to become proficient in the new technology stack.


This case study demonstrates just how creative outsourcing solutions can be.  GOX’s vendor has exceeded client expectations, resulting in them now outsourcing more because the quality of the work.  This solution cost 50% less than local options and resulted in a far more capable in-house technology team. Click here to read the full case study.

To see all of our case studies and white papers, click here.

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