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This page includes case studies from the GOX partner network.

ITO Deals

eBusiness Development: Mindtree provides complete eBusiness solution for Kraft. Executive Summary.
Rich Application Development: Ellaar Infotech provides enhanced business applications to a leading telecom provider. Executive Summary.
Infrastructure Services: Eureka provides remote infrastructure services to UST global from Sri Lanka. Executive Summary.
Knowledge Management: Anantara delivers a knowledge management solution to a top 3 conglomerate in Germany. Executive Summary.
eBusiness Development & Management: Mindtree delivers an improved eCommerce portal for Avis. Executive Summary.

BPO deals

Finance BPO: Adec Solutions provides invoicing and accounts receivable services to a world-leading logistics company. Executive Summary.
Help Desk: Patni provides offshore help desk services to one of the world's largest insurers. Executive Summary.
Accounts Receivable Outsourcing: ADEC provides accounts receivable services to a leading shipping business. Executive Summary.  
Document Management: ADEC solutions provides offshore services for the UK's leading Document Management company. Executive Summary.
Government eCommerce ITO: Mindtree helps Royal Mail deliver an online shop. Executive Summary.
Government BPO: Patni provides back office services for a UK council. Executive Summary.