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Reduce IT Spend

"Reducing Spend" or "Lowering Costs" can be very onerous phrases.  They evoke images of Jack the Ripper steamrolling in, and simply slashing and cutting wherever possible, with no regard to key capabilities, service quality, future costs, and worst of all, people.  We can show you ways to reduce IT spend (or simply deliver more with the same budget), that will not have an adverse impact on your organisation.  In many cases, we can deliver more modest savings, while actually increasing quality and capability.

The approach includes the following:

Quantify the opportunity in terms of pounds or dollars, payback periods, and a detailed projected cash flow and cost analysis.
Adjust appropriately for risk. Generally, we can offer several different paths towards cost-savings -- from modest to highly aggresive.
Provide a clear, actionable plan that shows exactly what must be done and when.
Deliver to that plan.

There are several areas we will focus on, such as: consolidating and renegotiating with suppliers, restructuring contracts, streamlining processes & eliminating waste, near- and off-shoring, multisourcing, and leveraging more cost-effective technology, such as thin clients and cloud computing.  Most importantly, we can find the right mix for your business, and provide you with the tools and management capability to deliver those savings.

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