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Automate Joiner/Mover/Leaver Process

Our team of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) consultants have a proven track record in delivering automation for HR successfully. We have two decades of experience in IT outsourcing, Business process outsourcing and have been at the forefront of work innovation on how to optimise new target operating models for efficiency. We work with clients looking to automate operational processes for HR that are manual, repetitive, complex and time consuming through RPA and Intelligent Automation solutions, deploying third party software as well as our own internal IP.

  • Cloud based Joiners/Movers/Leavers Solution interacts seamlessly with any core HR solution
  • RPA workflow solution uses non intrusive Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR).
  • It is a very cost effective solution with low set up costs and licensing fees.
  • Reduction in Manual process through automation leads to improved efficiency and positive experience for the employee.
We are the only cloud solution to help automate HR Onboarding. Our solution connects seamlessly with any legacy Core HR system to provide a seamless end to end digital experience for the new joiner. It is a very cost effective solution with low set up costs and licensing fees that is why we guarantee and ROI within 9 months.

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    We have completed over 10 selection projects and have experience with Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UI Path and a host of others. Because GOX is independent, impartial advice is offered at all stages of the process. Our team ensures there are no hidden surprises and that your organisation will have a successful RPA selection & implementation first time around unlike many other organisations.  Our selection process is comprehensive and rigorous and guarantees that the chosen vendor and system provide a fit for purpose system that will deliver the benefits it promised. We recommend only to start RPA initiatives with a ROI of less than 9 months and ensure requirements with the biggest business benefits are delivered early. Please get in touch if you have any more questions.

    Case Study from Top 5 accountancy firm:

    The GOX team helped a Top 5 accounting firm with 1100+ employees automate the Onboarding process. Where previously HR Onboarding was a purely manual process, with tracking in Excel and no consolidated dashboard to allow stakeholders to view the status of a new joiner. With the use of robotics, the end-to-end process was digitised in less than 3 months. The HR Solution connects seamlessly with legacy HR system and third party ticketing system to provide a seamless end to end digital experience for the new joinee. The downstream processes of ID creation and software deployment  are currently being automated as well, saving huge amounts of time and improving accuracy to 100%. 

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