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Healthcare Compliance - SAP GRC

Large global healthcare product manufacturing organisation need to identify, monitor and improve compliance standards. There was a strong business case to implement effective and continuous monitoring of the compliance process.

Currently they only had manual processes to identify, monitor and report on segregation of duties (SoD) violations and process violations. There were frequent errors and not enough automation in the process.


  • Dashboard and management reporting

  • Ability to run SoD simulations

  • Workflow capability to control mitigation governance

  • Web services connectivity to Identity Management solutions

  • Rule based Identity Management

Key Points & Learnings

  • Single sourced is often multi sources behind the scenes

  • Creating pilot solution to provide insight into technical challenges

  • Careful selection of essential vs nice to have functionality

Key Facts

  • Total Project Time: 10 months

  • Investment Cost: (£450K)

  • Payback Period – Rolling positive ROI after 24 months on user management

  • Improved compliance repotting

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