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Financial Services Data company needed to develop a new robust, scaleable, and secure technology platform cost effectively to meet the demand of the fast growing business

Current technology platform was out of date, expensive to maintain and not scaleable to meet the growing demands of the business

Key Points

Over 60% lower cost than in-house or local options
GOX completed competitive sourcing process in 6 weeks with 4 suppliers from off & nearshore
Flexible deal terms to quickly accommodate changes in demand

Here is a quote from the head of IT Europe

"We engaged GOX to assist us in redeveloping our technology platform. We wanted to explore off or near-shore partners to supplement and lead our internal team in redeveloping our core business applications in a very short period of time.  GOX's expertise and vetted vendor network enabled us to thoroughly assess several potential partners, conduct a formal sourcing process, and select a best-fit partner in a matter of 2 months.  We have greatly expanded our capability and capacity at incredibly competitive rates.  Other areas of our business are already asking me how they can achieve similar results"

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