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Delivery as a Service (DAAS)

Delivery as a Service- A number of clients needed a reasonably defined chunk of project management or business analysis work done - but the nature of these needs was such that bringing on full time hires or contractors would’ve been overkill and bad use of funds.  Many IT projects have a couple weeks of intense effort followed by weeks of waiting, and DaaS is a great, cost effective way to manage that.  We use our in-house team (who can work on multiple projects at once) to deliver to your organisation's needs.   In one example - there was a case where up to 3 people were on the job for key stretches to meet certain deadlines - but the overall cost to the client was still less than hiring a single contractor for the duration.

Specific client case study

Did not have a requirement for a full time project manager so why waste funds on a resource during idle periods.


  • Project manage the delivery of a new CRM System

  • Develop requirements and implement new intranet site

Key Points & Learnings

  • Client saved 40% in a 12 month period by using GOX's on-demand delivery as a service model vs. using traditional contractors for project delivery

  • Flexible, but well-managed project portfolio optimised cost and capability

  • Careful selection of GOX associates that blended into client culture is key to success

Key Facts

  • Total Project Time:15 months

  • Central IT Investment Cost: (£1MM)

  • Payback Period – Rolling positive ROI after 12 months

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