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Large media company seeks cloud solution to help deliver sustainable cost savings.

Organisation with approximately 10,000 computing end users spending £2MM per annum on managing, hosting and supporting email. Very fragmented infrastructure with over 150 exchange servers in 50 countries.  

Migration of in-house computing services (MS Exchange-based) to Google Business Applications
Services included eMail, file sharing and storage.
Current technology supported fully in-house, requiring maintenance, support, power, security and ongoing kit investment costs
Decision made to move to a service “cloud” based solution
Controlled migration ensured virtually no impact to the business

Key Points & Learning’s
Small but meaningful investment in planning and sourcing
3 to 5 year financial forecasting to incorporate “step costs” such as new hardware and license costs
Followed clear industry direction

Key Facts
Total Project Time: 12 Months
Investment Cost: £250,000
Payback period (ROI) – Less than 3 Months
Annualised savings: £1,400,000 (Cost of Approximately £40 Per User instead of £180)
Business disruption: Virtually zero

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