Brexit might benefit Offshoring

I think we are all Brexited out here in UK. Since the historic referendum on June 23 where 17 million pensioners voted for UK to leave EU it has been an interesting time to witness impact on economy. So far not a whole lot has happened as everyone is watching with close eyes when and how article 50 will be executed. The EU minister have sharpened their knives and are ready for a massacre, they desperately want to make a scapegoat out of UK to set an example of what happens when a country leaves EU to deter anyone else from having a public referendum. But in the midst of all this chaos surely there has to be some beneficiaries, the obvious one is anyone specialising in EU law look set to top up their final salary pension with an endless stream of gold bars. Secondly, re-location agencies specialising in office moves from UK to EU will also get fat wallets. What about offshore providers?

As skilled European workers are no longer granted free access to UK jobs surely this will more than likely lead to an increase in offshoring outsourcing in order to compensate for lack of skilled workers. The question still remains at what speed can UK replace those 53 preferential trading agreement held by the EU with the rest of the world? The new department for Brexit will need to overcome some tricky issues like data storage, data privacy, and security. As was mentioned in Sunday Times special on Sept 11th “The outsourcing industry has a proud history of flourishing in the face of perverse trade deals, legal bureaucracy, and political uncertainty. Brexit may throw up some big challenges, but so far there is no reason to think the industry won’t simply march on regardless”