Solving the Mystery of Multi-Sourcing

A brief exploration into the meaning of “multisourcing”, its benefits and relevance in today’s outsourcing world. There are many definitions of multisourcing, as well as many attributes deemed essential to multisourcing successfully. Gartner defines multisourcing in the following manner: multisourcing refers to the disciplined provisioning and blending of business and IT services from the optimal …

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Near-shoring… Will Grow Significantly

The Indian outsourcing giants have dominated the IT off-shoring industry for several years, and the 4 outsourcing corporations (IBM, Accenture, HP, CSC) have a strong foothold on the UK IT outsourcing industry with tier 1 companies (turnover + £2BN). However, trends are pointing towards near-shoring experiencing significant growth. This trend is further supported by direct …

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Keeping Your Outsourced Teams Close

As U.K. organisations continue to increase their outsourced and offshore resource leverage, more in-house managers are facing a dilemma around how to effectively manage people over whom they have little control and/or compensatory influence. Indeed, most outsourcing contracts involve stipulations that the ‘client’ company shall not circumvent the internal performance management systems of the outsourcer. …

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