Amazon delivers first parcel in UK by drone

“Online shopping giant Amazon has completed its first customer delivery by drone and it was done in Cambridgeshire in the UK. The technology firm’s founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos confirmed the delivery in a tweet.”

Back in our post from Dec 3 2013 we highlighted a news story that Amazon would one day deliver parcels by drone.

It was only 3 years ago and I have to admit even I thought it was some good PR and sci-fi baloney…..but sure enough ……they promised and they delivered!

Amazon is only 22 years old but most people today wouldn’t be so relaxed about Christmas shopping if it wasn’t for them. Delivery drivers are pretty reliable, but once drones become fully operational the word convenience will take on another whole new meaning.

The next thing Amazon will offer will be a robot that will then come and wrap the presents for you and place them under your tree. Now who wouldnt pay for that convenience!

Merry Christmas and Happy Year to all the 44 million amazon prime customers… out for that drone landing in your garden very soon.